Thursday, July 17, 2008

Administrivia can be amusing...

Okay, this is, I know, going to seem silly for just about everyone reading this. I'll admit that right up front. That said, I personally think this is so cool!

In the mailbox today was a note from my new Electric Company that they'd received my security deposit and that it was being held in an interest bearing account for me. Since I sent the deposit with my first payment, it also means they got that too!

This is just so cool!

For those of you who are wondering what she's blathering about, here's the skinny.

For as far back as I can recall without really digging for it, my stuff has always been mixed with someone else's stuff and I've never had much, or any control over my life at all. I never saw the bills, never had any say in the bills and such assorted foolishness. Seriously. Earl for example, he insisted he control everything and I wasn't allowed to ask questions, know where the money I WAS MAKING went, nothing. I know we had electric bills in the places we lived together, but with whom I know not. Heck they weren't even in my name.

So to have received and paid my first bill, and now get a fairly formal, and stuff thank you, we'll give you interest on the deposit and you can have it back in a year. Kinda cool! I mean in the grand scheme of things, it's no never mind. Fifty bucks isn't much for a deposit, but hey, it made them happy.

And, oddly enough, made me happy too! An official note from the electric company saying they owe me money. I can deal with that!

Now, it's time for a walk.




~K~ said...

Congrats!! I totally understand the big deal's a bigger one. A bill in your name is sufficient to show that you are an official resident of where you are living .. you have arrived!!

Samantha Shanti said...

Wow, I actually live somewhere? Oh dear, and official resident? I'm so whelmed I could just plotz...

Yeah, I have arrived! YAY!!! She's really a person now, with a home of her own and bills! Yeah, this is cool! Now I have to change the registration on the car, and my driver's license...