Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Coming out, the begining!

So today was all at once scary like nothing I've ever experienced, and as thrilling as anything I'd ever done! May not seem like much to some, but today I opened up to my Sister-in-law and just casually said:

You remember the other day (2, December 2003 to be exact) I said sometimes when I get depressed like most girls I go shopping? She said she did, after all I'd gone back to a store in the mall while talking to her on the phone, to pickup a second "Flip and Fold" for her after having picked up one for myself.

I said you: "You didn't find it odd that I said 'like most girls I go shopping?' when we were talking the otherday?" To which she said she really hadn't thought much about it at the time.

I forged on with: "Well I'm a woman with an excellent disguise!"

Just like that I dropped what I thought was a huge bomb, shaking as I got off the elevator and much to my relief and surprise I heard, "Yeah? Cool! That makes sense . . ."

And from there I was off and running, never to look back. Mind you there were other people who knew my little "secret" including "Earl" but they'd all figured it out for themselves and asked me about it. BA was a real first, someone I came out to, someone, THE FIRST person I'd TOLD without being asked!!!