Saturday, July 02, 2005

Just for the record . . .

. . . I think "coalition building" that is all male focused is something of a bad idea! I'm a member of a number of online support groups for survivers of domestic violence, one member, who runs his own group, sent out a message to everyone looking to build a "coalition" so that people from different walks of life can get together and fight for human rights. (I thought the HRC was doing that?) He invited everyone to join HIS group as a central point for "Politically Active Familes" however the description is for "Politically Active Dads" and reads as follows;

"Politically Active Families", takes direct political action to fight for "family friendly" politicians. Key Search words: Fathers Rights, Dads, Men's Rights, Access, Custody, Support, Visitation, Divorce, Separation, Mens Health, Shared Parenting, Equal Parenting, Joint Physical Custody, Children's Rights, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Marriage, Common Law Relationships, Family Court Reform, Family Law, Mediation, Fathers 4 Justice, F4J, Parenting, Men's Issues, Non-custodial Parents, Moms, Child Abduction, Gay Fathers, Gay Dads, Lesbian Mothers, Adoption, Grandparent's Rights, Civil Rights, Parents, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Judicial Law Reform, Youth Rights, Gender Wars, Missing Children, Men's Movement, Equality, Blended Families, Children of Divorce, Dads in Family Court, Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Fathering.
Contact Wayne Cook at for more information.

Further searching indicated this person has put together a series of 60 some odd groups that are the inverse of his "coalition building" concept and each features the SAME text as above.

I have issues with "coalition building" that basically ignores women and our feelings, rights, and lives.