Friday, September 29, 2006

A Real, Live, Lit from within, Woman!!!

Today I went into RMV to start the process of getting all new paperwork, or at least a photo ID that actually represented ME!!! Today after filling out the right paperwork and four lines, I reached the checkout window where a new ID Photo would be taken. For any number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I'm moving and the state I'm in requires a three month wait to get a drivers license, and then a year as a conditional driver, I'm waiting until I move. My new state issues real drivers licenses to adults and will allow all the tests to be taken the same day!

In any case, I have my paperwork checked at three different lines, each one saying thank you Miss, you can go to window so an so. I finally get to the fourth line, and the woman there is entering my information and she looks up, obviously confused, and says; "I'm sorry Miss, there is a typo on your birth certificate, and because of the new laws I'm going to have to list you as MALE unless, or until, you get this corrected. . ." She looks at all the paperwork again, and then, still looking confused says; "Unless you . . . Um . . . Changed? If you have a surgical letter showing that you've . . ." So I handed her the letter from my surgeon and she says; "Wow, I honestly thought this was a typo, you look amazing!"

We chatted while she finished my paperwork, she took my money, and my picture, and a few moments later I had my NEW ID. My picture, my vital statistics, everything and miracle of miracles I look good! Who knew? A DMV photo that looks good, though I forgot to put on lip gloss . . . Best of all, I'm ever more listed as the CORRECT gender!!! I'm beaming in the picture, almost, no, "really lit from within" the glow of happiness real and obvious!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Post-op update . . .

A friend asked me recently if I had any regrets about having had surgery. Without missing a beat, without blinking, I said simply "Yeah, I have one, that I didn't do this well over thrity years ago!"

Still working hard on bringing my weight down so that I can get the rest done, well I'm also now working on saving enough again to even have the final surgery. Life, health issues, friends health issues, and so on have had an extremely damaging financial impact on my life of late.

I have to spend a grand on a new AC compressor for my car, because it just isn't drivable all that comfortably without. So that's another chunk of money I don't have, that isn't going to my GRS fund. A fund that is slowly bleeding to death because I'm not strong enough to tell people they are HURTING me and do something about it.

I get what bipolar is like, how it can, and does destroy lives, what I don't get is ignoring it, or not taking it seriously. Please, really, some people spend huge amounts of money to get even close to the way I feel when I'm manic. Now THAT is just NUTS!!!

In any case, I have to move because the place I live in is at least as bad as living in a landfill. Worse I'm spending, becuase I have trouble doing anything about it, way too much money on food becuase the person I live with is a slob of biblical proportions. Oscar Madison looks like Felix Unger compared to the person I "live" with.

This person REFUSES to clean, to help around the house, to be responsible and it is one fracking crisis after another! So, I'm moving. 1811 miles away. I'll be able to buy grocerys and keep them in a kitchen that won't give you an infection if you scratch yourself on something . . .

More to follow . . .

Friday, September 01, 2006

Oh my Goddess!!! I'm free!!!

Okay, so anyone who's read this whole thing from the begining knows that aside from transition, I've been fighting a huge battle with Domestic Violence and the law. I don't want to "get away with anything" or otherwise try and "duck" any system anywhere. I do have a reasonable expectation of privacy, safety, and freedom from stalking. My in-laws ARE stalkers. I don't know why, I don't know what their frelling problem is, what their damage is, or anything else.

I DO KNOW they destroyed my marriage, murdered my husband, and wanted me to be next.

They have motive, means, and opportunity to hunt, torture, and kill me at a time of their choosing and have shown a blatant and flagrant disregard for the law. They are equally connectd to organized crime, AND the Wall Street financial community. They are EVIL and SICK, there is no nice way to say it.

Until today they had complete and total access to my life. Knew everything about me, including details about my birth, my parents, my social security number, and could, and have used it to track and harm me. Today all that ended!!!

After a nearly 10 month long project, today's mail brought me a brand new social security card, with a brand new number! I'm going to give it to NO-ONE unless they can demonstrate a valid, legal need for the information. PERIOD!!! I'm going to protect it with my life, and if, through some miracle I ever get married again, I'm NOT going to give it to my spouse, and he's then NOT going to be able to give it to anyone else. PERIOD!!!

Now they cannot track me, cannot take money from me, cannot hurt, torture or kill me easily. Now I'm a few short steps from that person they knew ceasing to exist completely!!! Now I have a bunch of other work to do, like all new ID and paperwork, but that will come in time . . .

If the Social Security Administration says it CANNOT be done, don't believe them, fight for your rights and safety!!! Get them all the paperwork, and they will give you a NEW Social Securtiy Number!!!