Sunday, November 06, 2011

"Bring It On" and dream fulfilled.

So when I was growing up, and all through high school, I wanted to be a cheerleader.  I mean really.  But I was the invisible, outcast, almost alien child.  Sure I was in great shape, I used to ride at least 100 miles a week on a bike, up and down all sorts of really gnarly hills and was in great shape.  Tall, thin, flexible, coordinated, and worked the baton whicked fast.  My sister hated me.  I had the hair, skills, energy and strength, heck I could have been a flier, or one heck of a base. I had enthusiasm.  I was almost the whole package.  But I was horribly shy and about as social as an abused cat.  But even today “Bring It On” and “Bring It On Again” are two of my favorite movies.  “Hellcats,” when I remember to watch it, is also a favorite.  But that was just a place in my life I could never get to.

So today I realized, somewhat late, but better than never I’d say, that I got my wish.  My inner cheerleader is feeling fulfilled, happy and proud.  Because life threw me the spirit stick and I DID NOT drop it!  That’s a big thing, I mean huge.  You drop the spirit stick and it’s a curse not just on you, but the whole team.  So while I may not have the body I once did, and 100 miles a week is not quite something I can pull off these days, I’m still, FINALLY, a cheerleader!

Because I support my team, my friends, the people I adore with loving, positive energy any chance I can.  I help people see past the negatives and encourage them to find the sunshine in any situation.  And I can still do a split.  Not that I have any reason to these days, but I can so stick the landing.

But I bring energy, enthusiasm, sunshine and as positive an outlook as I can to anyone that needs it.  I’m Bringing It On every chance I get! And I still think spirit fingers is kinda, well, lame? :)

For those who are so inclined, I was moved to actually read my own blog outloud.  Now let's see if I can post it here.