Monday, November 26, 2007

ENDA the road for Joe!

I'm not going to get into the whole mess of politics, money, people and emotion. I've held my tongue on the subject for a while hoping and praying the HRC would catch a clue, or someone would hit them with a cluebyfour. Seems that isn't likely anytime soon, which frankly is bad for everyone. So, I'm going to say one thing on the subject;

<br />

And that's all I'm going to say about that!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Spoon Theory

So, there are days, and then there are days. Some are diamonds, others are stones. There are times, when the hard times, and people won't leave you alone. Living with any kind of chronic illness is, how shall I say, less than fun maybe?

Christine Miserandino is, unfortunately, someone who understands way, way to well what it's all about. She wrote the Spoon Theory and I think everyone, regardless of their condition, health, whatever should read her wonderful piece and find in themselves some understanding. Compassion, sympathy, empathy are, or should be, family values. More of those, and a bit slower pace in life are important and frankly vital to all people, regardless of health, all over the world.

I took my health for granted for so many years, pushed myself faster and further than anyone of either gender, just to try and find acceptance, understanding, a bit of validation and love. What I took too long to find were these values, these feelings, in myself. Now that I have, maybe I'll lucky enough to find someone else in my life to share it, and myself with. I've also figured out that I must separate myself from the overly fast pace of life. Too much for too long, and so I'm running with limitations I never had before, and have to take these into account. Yeah, I may not always look sick, but appearances can be, and usually are quite deceiving.

I did the whole dramatically unbalanced thing for way, way too long, spread myself so thin that I crashed and burned. I've become close friends with a hot water bottles, anti-depressants, heating pads, and the limitations and impact that all of this has on my life. I live each day wanting to do so much more than I can now. I am, for the first time ever focused on my own health, my own life. Day by day, spoon by spoon, I'm working on healing and growth and this for me is a fulltime career.

Strange having a job that involves dealing with my own needs and health. From making over a 100K a year, to being on disability and having to work within my limitations on growth. Not fun, but what I've learned, am learning, is amazing and scary all at once. What it says about the world in which we live, and try to survive, is even more astonishing.

So, for the moment, take a look at the Spoon Theory, you'll be glad you did.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Remember who? Why? How would anyone know?

Okay, I'm a bit annoyed. More than annoyed. Novemeber 20th is supposed to be the Day Of Rememberance, the GBLT Day Of Remembrance.

GBLT people all over the country coming together, honoring people who have been lost, not forgetting what has happened before. Great idea, wonderful idea, one I fully suport in everyway I can. Every year that I've known about it I've gone.

Except this year.

Why? Because I couldn't find a DOR event I could get to. I searched for weeks, and then, found an event couple of towns over from mine. Great, I finally figured out when and where it...

...was! Three days before.

ENDA died a terrible death because of a lack of knowledge, education and community. Communications is the cornerstone of all three of the above concepts, and the community just doesn't have any going on. Publishing days and locations AFTER they have already happened is like Joe Solomese going on for years about how only an inclusive ENDA will be supported. The SECOND the knucklheads inside the beltway decided to throw a curve, Joe and the HRC Political Action Committe sold out anyone who's gender wasn't perfectly binary and basically told everyone that in the grand scheme of political grand standing, everyone was expendable. So much for an inclusive bill...

Thanks Joe and the HRC. Thanks for telling me I'm unimportant compared to your own political agenda!