Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yay!!! Finally, the powers that be . . .

. . .have added automatic blog spam comment catching!  So all those idiotic Chinese characters and sneaky hyperlinks go right into the trash!  I'm so happy!  Thank you Google!!!  So this is a short thank you and now it's time for me to catch some sky!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Prop Hate is NOT going to the Supreme Court, probably not even to appellate court ...

Okay folks, here's the skinny.  First off, I need to remind everyone that all great journey's begin with a single step, and take many steps to get there.

Prop 8 being struck down is a clear win, and it needs to end right now, right here.  It's not going to see the 9th court of appeals, and no one who cane really SEE wants it do go there.  So it's over, done, Californian's will be free to start marrying again shortly and it's going to be a wonderful thing!  Come on folks, let's not be greedy, show some support and overwhelming joy for the fine folks in California!  Stop pushing to try and get this to go all the way.

Prop 8 is not, I repeat NOT the game and season winning goal, touchdown, home run, whatever you want to call it.  It's just NOT.  Period, end of subject, not even the brilliant legal minds want it to be.  They have set their sights a bit higher and are itching to get onto the next task at hand, which for them is Maine.  Yes, I said Maine.  It's the next logical step in the war on ignorance and bigotry and IS necessary to be handled before the marriage issue goes before SCOTUS.

There are talented forces fighting, and winning, similar major legal battles in Massachusetts on a slightly different front that is also NOT going to SCOTUS, but is vital for when Marriage Equality gets there.

When is it going to get there?

Not as far into the future as you might think.

Here's how it's going to play out in short form:

1.) In a matter of days, a week or so at the most, Californian's are once
     again going to be allowed to enjoy the "right" to marry as they see fit.

2.) Maine's Hateful amendment is going to be fairly quickly and easily
     overturned in courts there by the same legal team that made it possible
     in California

3.) Arizona will be next, then one or two other states that I cannot see ... yet!
     The end game?  Jersey will be officially upgraded to full legal marriage,
     not "Civil Unions" like it has now.  Then Plaintiffs legally married  in
     California, and other states, but living in NY will help turn the tide making
     marriage legal there, and everywhere else when THAT case makes it to
     the big game so to speak.

So it's going to be a case that hasn't even started yet, but built upon the wins in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Jersey that is going to become a class action federal court case that spans multiple states, and federal court districts.  It's going to be filed in Federal District Court in NY & Washington D.C. at the same time, and move quickly out of the Circuit court level right into the Supreme court who will then have no choice but to hear it.  Why?  Because it will be so large and complex a case that they will not be able to simply refuse to hear it without being guilty of bias and judicial misconduct.

It's going to be a few years from now, so just sit tight, wait for things to flow and fit together, and then enjoy the show.  You heard it here first folks.

This is Cassandra Speaking for "Forward Views" all of tomorrows news, today.  

Monday, August 09, 2010

I am not amused . . .

Exercise my doctors have all said will cure all that ills me.  Lower my blood pressure, reduce depression, help with my weight problems, Insomnia, Anxiety and so forth.  So, I invested in Serenity and myself.  I'm not exactly being a slacker about this having ridden over 500 miles on a bike since March 27th.  New meds to help improve my sleep, pretty decent diet, LOTS of exercise and nothing.

Still not sleeping well, the meds that once knocked my on my but now hardly work at all.  In the past I once lost 80 pounds in six months by walking  two or three miles every other day and eating right.  It's five months of some serious exercise and I have maybe lost 10 pounds?

I'm most certainly not sleeping any better, not sure if I'm really losing weight, and still fighting with everything else. And despite the clinical fact that exercise and meditation will noticeably lower BP, and that I can and have put myself into a deep state of meditation that lowers my respiration, heart rate and drops my BP about 20 points or more at the time, it stays stubbornly high.  As to diet, I proved to the doctor that I couldn't eat any less by giving myself a mild case of malnutrition that showed up on blood tests.  So THAT's not really a huge issue.

And yes, I'm just ranting some of my frustration here.  I don't know that there is so much a major point to this as my realization I've not posted in a while and thought I should say something.  I have other things bumping around in my head and heart looking for something to connect to, but nothing I can put to words yet.  So I'll get there I imagine eventually.