Sunday, April 20, 2008

What was broken, now is fixed with a little bit of help...

First, mad props to Karyn for pointing out that my e-mail links were broken. Went in and fixed those fairly quickly, but am embarassed to say they never should have gotten up there in that condition. Such is life I guess when you are, as I was at the time more focused on the creative side than the QA side. Hope anyone who tried to e-mail me using the broken link will forgive me. I have to be honest, I had so much fun making it, and it looked so pretty, that I wanted to get it up there for the world to see. Yeah, and I used to be a CIO of a startup in MA a bunch of years back, so I really do know better. How strange life can be no?

Just for reference, here it is again, and this time it works!

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