Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zilla's description of the economy is brilliant

Zilla has a great style, and as I was getting more familiar with it I found this post that had, what is easily one of the BEST descriptions of what's happenin here:

He went on to tout the Cafe's soups and sandwiches. Then he mentioned that the
owner is a local journalist who gave up her job at the paper to start her own
business, and she's, well, doing what owners of all new eateries do: struggling
to survive, especially in a tough market, especially-especially in a sucktard
economy (suck because it sucks, tard because it sucks because of baby boomer

Now if that don't make it exactly clear, well, I'm afraid there might be no hope. Anyway, I digress, but I do that sometimes, okay, even, quite often, maybe even, well regularly . . . [Okay Brook, your point is?] that Zilla just has a great way of putting things, and this really tickled my fancy. That, and thinking about hotdogs . . .


zilla said...

I don't know if I'd say "brilliant," but thank you Samantha.

alan said...

Just one more reason she's so special, eh Sam?

So many wonderful people I've met in this magical world...

Like you!

Thank you for brightening my old year and for being part of the New Year I'm looking forward to!


Samantha said...


Well, I thought it was brilliant, so there's that. It just really struck me as the sound bite for the whole sorted mess. I love it, in a world of cheap and slick sound bites when someone managed to capture the essence and depth of a situation. That my dear you most certainly did!


Thank you for brightening my old year too! I'm glad we're both here for the new one. It is a magical world isn't it. I'm met more awesome and wonderful people blogging that in any other activity on the internet and I find that kind of amazing too. Completely unexpected and so welcomed.