Thursday, December 18, 2008


Most of the time, mine consist of nightmares that make Freddy Kruger and that dude with a hockey mask look like rank amateurs. Of late, I've been having occasional good dreams, and when they are really good, I enjoy them all day. Last night/this morning I had one such dream. It started off kinda sucky, but not nightmare level. My selfish, self centered, it's all about me little brother kept taking my laptop, surfing porn, getting it all infected, and then hiding it so I couldn't use it. I got kinda tired of it and slapped him silly. My Mom, tired of the same cycle of madness, decided it was time to get the whole thing resolved and as needed punish the guilty. She said "Okay, we're going to sit down, talk about this and make some sense of it all."

So we go walking into the dinning room and who should be sitting there but two of my uncles. "Uncle Jack!" I exclaimed with joy and ran up to give him a hug. "Well my dear you get bigger every time I see you! Think fast, here's a question you probably don't know the answer to: He played Hawkeye in the original movie version of M*A*S*H?" Without stopped to catch my breath I said "Oh, come on Uncle Jack, that's easy. Who is Elliot Gould?" Looking slightly crest fallen he said "So Uncle Jack now eh? Too big to call me Uncle Quince? You used to call me Uncle Quince. I kinda liked that, makes me feel old now that you're calling me uncle Jack all the time."

Not to be the type to let that slide, I promptly left the room and came back in, looked all excited again and exclaimed "Uncle Quince!!! I didn't know you were here!" and jumped into his arms.

From the other side of the room my other Uncle grumbled to no one in particular "Right, her favorite uncle, and I'm still the only invisible uncle in the room..." So I winked at Uncle Quince and walked around the table with a big smile and said "Uncle Felix, I'm so glad your here, don't get up, I wouldn't want you to pull out your back in the rush to hug me and bent down to hug him." At which point the entire room broke out laughing. Well except for poor Uncle Felix, who was actually my Uncle Tony, but he played Felix in the Odd Couple. Of course this was met by more grumbling from Uncle Tony, who was obsessing over the fact that Uncle Jack got to be Uncle Quince, and he was still known as Felix and made fun of.

I hugged him extra tight and whispered in his ear, "Oh come on Uncle Tony, you know I love you, but we all pick on you because you respond to it so well. I get the same thing for the same reason. You know I got that from you. People pick on ME because I respond so well too. I love you Uncle Tony." Which of course got his face glowing and him chattering about his favorite Deice. Not to be outdone I said "And from Uncle Quince I got my razor sharp witty repartee! So I don't hesitate to use it when I can."

It was a great dream, I had fun hanging out with them. I have some cool relatives no?

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alan said...

How could you, being you, have anything but cool relatives?