Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm a Stargate SG1 fan, I'm not going to deny it.

'I'm also bemused by the fact that no-one has put together what the real purpose of Anubis' "weapon" in Redemption Part I and Part II.

Real short synposis. Anubis is using a "weapon" to attempt to destroy the Gate at the SGC on Earth. Gate opens, stays open, and it first seems like nothing is going on. Then the tech notices a slight anomaly in the Gate Diagnostics Screen. Seems there is a tiny charge being retained by the gate. Very tiny. Problem is it's building up over time.

The Stargate is, amoung other things, a giant super conductor. It retains energy. It's made up of a quartz like substance that when used as such, can generate incredible amounts of energy.

So here we have the Gate soaking up energy, no way to shut it down and the 38 minute has come and gone. "Now we have a problem" Carter says.

In roughly 54 hours the gate is going to explode, and because of the amount of this mineral it's made up of, the blast is going to be on the order of 2 or 3 THOUSAND Megatons. It will destroy MOST of Colorado, and the resulting environmental damage will end all life on Earth. Bad thing, really bad.

So they fight their way through part one trying to figure out what to do, then there's part two. We find out about the planet and the weapon Anubis is using, but are "powerless to stop the destruction" yada, yada, yada. Anbuis has his yuks, he's got a big bad weapon.

Obviously since there IS more of season six, and four more full seasons and two feature films after this, we know Anubis doesn't destroy earth.

Now this has been talked to death all over the place, but before I finish the fan fic I'm writing, or tell anyone at Gateworld, I'm going to share it here. Why? Because I'm just slightly please with myself that 30 seconds after I saw it, I knew what it's actual purpose was. Why the Ancients (not Anubis) built it in the first place.

We've seen time and again that the gate uses great amounts of power to run. We've seen that the dialing device (DHD) has a "limited" amount of energy. The one Carter found in Antarctica ran out of energy after a couple of uses. They couldn't figure out how to get it powered up again.

And here my dear friends is the point of this post. The "weapon" Anubis was using? Not a weapon at all. It was the trickle charger for the gate system. DHD is running out of power? No porblem. Dial in from the planet with this device, it pumps power through the gate, the main power crystal in the DHD soaks it up, and then sends a signal to the otherside that it's fully charged, and it suts off.

It's not a weapon, it's a charger. Simple, easy, problem solved, not a weapon at all.

Why then is it going to destroy Earth? Because it took Carter and a team 2 years to McGyver a dialing device. One that ignores gate commands, handshaking protocals, and even maintenance data swaps with the rest of the Gate network. It didn't know how to say "Thanks, we've got it from here" and have the charger shut off.

Now I know, this post doesn't make much sense unless you've seen SG-1 and understand the references I'm making here. However, for those who do, well now you know the secret of Anubis' weapon.

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