Sunday, December 14, 2008

Now for something lighter...

So if anyone is hosting a Wookie party, please send them over to Ange?!?!? We don't want to have her wind up like this poor girl:

And for those Foxworthy fans out there, this next picture, also from Punchline Not Included is just a redneck joke that proves life is WAY stranger than fiction. I can just hear Jeff intoning;

"If your trailer park is more than one story high,
You might be a redneck!"


alan said...

Though I am definitely not smarter than a 5th grader, my fear of heights (and windstorms) would most likely preclude me from visiting above the "2nd floor"!



Ange said...

Don't know how you managed to merge so many images of my childhood into one post, but you did it.

Sorry! The wookies got me drunk and I've been out of it ever since.
Stopping in to say "Happy Holidays!"

Samantha said...

Actually, I'm an empath, things just come to me. So when I was out wandering around the net and saw the first picture I instantly thought about you. The second one just seemed like a counter point to the first one. Especially given that Wookies have a thing for trees. So it was this whole how it all felt to me process as I was putting the post together.

No worries my dear, Wookies sure can drink, and it's really hard keeping up with them.

Hope you and the whole family have a wonderful holiday!