Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I have come a long way in three years.

Now admittedly the day is only 4 some odd hours old so far, and anything could happen from here. Personally I'm hoping nothing happens other than what I have planned. What might that be? Laundry and packing for a short trip to spend a couple of days with family for the holiday.

Three years ago today had the folks at the Social Security Administration calling the local police and taking me into the local hospital because they thought I was going to hurt myself or something. It wasn't fun, and not something I would recommend to anyone. So today, well today is going to be a better day. Assuming I don't have any run ins with folks who are supposed to be helping me, but instead feel like traumatizing me.

So I'm going to think on the positive side, and plan on a boring day of laundry and packing. I'll check back in and let all y'all know who it goes!


alan said...

I hope your day is as boring as you are wonderful!

I can only wish I could have been there for you then, as you have been there for me this year!


Samantha said...

So far, yes, boring, uneventful, and peaceful. Right down to the gasoline flavored bacon cheese burger.

Back then, I wished anyone could have been there for me. My sister-in-law was somewhat supportive, but she was also making me crazy too.

So today, yes, today was a much better day than three years ago, and it's not even over. Somehow I don't see myself winding up taken into the hospital by the local police.

Claudia said...

wow what a change. I wish my life was like that, but then again its not as bad now as yours used to be, from what it sounds like.