Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Samantha For The Win!

Okay, it's just after midnight, technically it's Christmas Eve now and I've got the day clinched. Wash is in the machine, and a fresh batch of my favorite drink is on the stove cooling. In a strange flashback to a life long in the past, I realized what I'm drinking now reminds me of a Long Island Ice Tea, just without the alcohol.

It's a simple drink and pretty healthy. I created it because of something I bought from Lipton a whole back and really enjoyed. Decaf Green Tea, Honey, Lemon, a pinch of sugar in the raw and for fun now and again Cinnamon. I make it up a gallon at time, and often, I'll cheat, and use instant lemonade. It's mostly water, and really healthy. Two quarts are nice normal decaf green tea with two and a half tablespoons of pure honey, the other two are just water, with two tablespoons of instant Lemonade if I'm doing it quick. Gives it a great taste, plus it's really good for me. Get lots of water into, plus all the benefits of green tea and no caffene, very little sugar, and a sparkle of lemon.

So now I'm going to run down to the dryier, fold my clothes, have a snack, read some and than get some sleep.

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