Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Boxing Day!

So on the other side of the pond, a friend of mine is taking a slow gentle ride to her dreams, and this part of my post is a shameless plug and shout-out to Emma! So Happy Boxing day yerself! :)

Here on this side of the pond I had my first visit today with my new Primary Care Physician. My sister-in-law recommended her as someone who really listens and cares about her patients, and you know, I can see why she says that. She does. I was nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, so much so that why her nurse took my BP it was way, way high. After talking to my new doctor for a few minutes it had dropped fifty points into something much better. So that was a net positive right there.

She was a big backed up today, so the girls apologized when I got there that I might have a bit of a wait. Wasn't a problem for me, I had nothing else planned, so I sat down and proceeded to drop myself into a light trance and spent the time meditating. Susan had to call my name twice when it was time for me to go in and I looked up and smiled. She joked "Did I wake you?"

"Not at all, I was meditating" I replied, it's a good way to use time that might otherwise be wasted. She was intrigued and wanted to know more, so we talked about that for a moment. Hey, I don't mind, it gives me a chance to share the wealth so to speak. So I gave her a crash course in a great way to start meditating and had her try it. She was amazed at how it felt and how easy it was to start. So that was my girl scout good deed for the day.

Aside from the BP being slightly high, and have a few more pounds on me than I should, I'm in otherwise good shape. Never a bad thing to hear I say. The BP will come down when I lose the weight, and in the meantime, she's started me on a low dose of BP meds. Being a new patient she had all the questions for me, and started to do the usual Doctor warning of things to avoid.

I said, "If it helps, I can save you some trouble there. 20 plus years ago I decided smoking was bad for me and quit that. 8 or so years ago I decided caffene was bad for me and quit that, two years later I decided sugar was bad for me and just most of that out, a year after that I decided Soda in general was back for me and cut that out. 9 years ago I had a brief bought of my Cholesteral and Trigylerides being too high and cut them down to nice healthy numbers and have increased healthy fats to be sure my good cholesteral is high, and last but not least, decided I didn't want to have a problem with C-Reactive Protein and have pretty much removed red meat from my diet. I have a bowl of Fider-one ever morning to get fiber into my diet, plus eat lots of other stuff that keeps the fiber up, and I try to walk at least ten minutes twice a day, but have been moving up to where I can start getting in two miles a day."

She just kind blinked a few times and caught up with that and said "Well, I can see you're going to be one problem child arn't you? Gonna have to keep on you about . . . Do you drink enough water?" with a smile.

"Yeah, plus lots iced green tea with honey and lemon! And I eat a little bit of Dark Chocolate every day."

So it went well, even if I did deprive her of anything to really scold me about.

So I guess that's the utterly boring and mundane news in my life at the moment. So again, a big shout-out to Emma over in the Shire, I'm hoping maybe I can get her to start a blog... It's free, easy, and really good for seeing how far one has come over time. Plus there are so many cool people she can meet because of blogging. 'Ello Luv! Gotta run, Cheers!

One small side note as I wander off to other things for the night, I just noticed I've written as many posts this month as I did for the entire year last year. Wow, that's kinda scary. Not that I'm keeping score, I just find it amusing. I think I've written as many posts this year, as I have in all the previous years of this blog combined. Hum, I guess I've got something to say after all.


alan said...

Catching up a bit here, I'm glad Christmas was lovely for you!

You and I seem to have fought a lot of the same battles through the years, healthwise. I've been lucky enough to keep the "internist" who correctly diagnosed my Dad's cancer and use him as a "GP" for these last 25 years and it's been a very good relationship. If he doesn't know, he'll find out and sooner than not!

Yes, you can meet some wonderful people here; I hope Emma "takes the plunge" and joins them!

As far as talking goes, between our exchanges here and our e-mails, I can imagine you and I talking for days if not weeks and months were we to ever meet!

Thank you for being you!


Samantha said...

Well I think pretty much everyone at one point or another traverses similar paths. That's why I find it so astonishing that some folks can be so narrow minded and closed off. We're all walking together, why not work together to over come the obstacles we find in the road to better ourselves and each other.

Yeah, I was saying recently somewhere else, that the greatest sense of community I've found on the net was via blogging, it's really cool. I imagine has has something to do with the way we can really share ourselves as people that "groups" don't really make possible somehow.

Emme, yeah, she's a dear. I've known her for several years now and I'm not sure why, but only just got her reading my blog. I do hope she joins the family so to speak, gives herself the gift of understanding and patience that keeping a Blog can bring. We'll see. In the meantime she and I have been writing each other for years, so we've got email...

Yes, were we ever to meet in person, we could close down a coffee shop or two talking and talking. Of that I have no doubt. Though based on one of you recent posts I could easily see us out on photo safari looking at the world throught the lens of a good camera...

You've inspired me to finally do something with my flicker account, so someday soon you'll get to see some of my work...

alan said...

I was going to upload a memory card from Christmas earlier but the painkillers and muscle relaxers caught up with me...

I look forward to seeing your photos!