Saturday, December 27, 2008

People say the nicest things sometimes...

My Sister-in-law, the mother of my namesake just said the nicest thing to me while we were talking. Back a whole bunch of years ago... Three now I'd guess come to think of it, when she and My bro were first dating, Mark was talking about me at one point. He showed Val an old (To the right from 2005) picture of me and tonight she said her first thought when she saw my picture was:

"Wow, I really want to get to know her, she's cool, and just gets it."

She said that even through the picture she could sense what a deep, old river I am.

You know, I really like that.

She was afraid I was going to think she was nuts which is why she's waited this long to say that. She said she knew before we'd met that first time two years ago that I was going to be special and a much needed and welcome addition to her life. That when we then actually met in person, she was even more certain.

She's an empath herself, and can read energy across long distances and from objects and pictures like I can. She's just been conditioned by the world, like so many of us have been, to lock that part of herself away and not share it with other people, let alone really acknowledge it herself.

So we spent a couple of hours on the phone talking about such things, and having a generally good time. Not the first time that's happened. But yeah, I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy now, cause she didn't have to say that, but it was nice to hear.


Ange said...

Made me smile, and slightly jealous.

That's probably all I better say, just in case I get followed through the blogosphere.

You seem damn cool to me.
Looking forward to getting to know ya better.

Happy Holidays!
(I took a sip of wine after I typed that.)

Samantha said...

You? Get followed through the blogosphere? No worries, I already have your address.

Hey, no worries girlfriend, I'm slightly jealous and she was talking about me. Not because I'm a neurotic, slightly used and abused woman surviving the loss of a life I'd always dreamed of who has self-esteem issues, but because I just don't see me the way everyone else seems to.

What's odd is for all the years I tried SO hard to be cool and failed so utterly, now that I've long since stopped trying I've somehow made it to cool. Color ME confused.

"Really Mom, I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened." (Sorry, just my inner child having fun)

My secret super power? Just working on enjoying life and the wonderful people around me without all the layers of artifice and baggage. If that makes me cool, then amen sistah! Let the coolness roll!

Frankly you have the life I'd dreamed of since I was 8. Right down to the Wonder Woman costume, and I mean, damn, girl you pulled it off so well. Me, I'm even the same height as Lynda Carter, so one day, when I lose all the weight I need to I'm going to at least manage that part of my dream!

But back to what I was saying. All I ever wanted to be was part of a family, have two wonderful children I planned to spoil with love, and a great guy to snuggle with in front of a fireplace drinking tea and eating cinnamon toast after the wee ones were in bed. Just wanted to love and be loved. But it took awhile for me to find me, and so, I'm rethinking some things.

I am enjoying getting to know you, cause you've been blessed Ange, and I think that's awesome. See, me, I think you're pretty cool too.

I hope your holidays continue to be full of love, family, happiness and just plain coolness. You all deserve it! One day in the future when we're both famous novelists, we can sit down over a cup of tea, or a nice glass of wine and remember when.

So happy holidays to you too Ange!
(I'm going to go pour myself a glass of that lovely Turning Leaf Chardonnay I have chilling in the fridge!)

alan said...

And here I was finally over that craving for cinammon toast...rats!


As far as that feeling warm and fuzzy goes, I'm sure glad someone else sent it back around to you because you've made me feel that way more than once!