Sunday, December 21, 2008

Come play with me...

When out in the world, in the wild, in the timeless, place less spaces that man has not tried to control, if you disconnect from all the boundaries, and embrace life you will find yourself so free and more connected than you could ever imagine.

Life calls to life, not to control, not to define, not to limit but with infinite love and acceptance.

A tree doesn't care if you sit beneath it. But it does care if you touch it with love, life, joy and nourishment. It will reach back, touch back, give as good as it gets, love, life, joy so much more will flow between you and it.

Quantum Entanglement will let you hear, feel, embrace the silent, subtle, none judgmental connection to everything that beckons to the soul:

"Come Play with me . . ."

It's not that everything is so totally connected, one to another, tree ending, ground beginning, it is one endless, loving, expression of life, love, peace and limitless possibilities.

We are not connected to each other and everything, seeking to find the lines, the shape, the grain, finding the outlines so things will tell us their names, instead we are everything, part of, connected, one. The problem becomes one of creating distance, distinction, lines, boundaries, and it becomes a lifetime battle. Our innocent, all knowing selves know only unconditional love or connection to everything and it is against our fundamental, innate being to push it all away.

The call "Come play with me . . ." becomes in the lost in the noise created inside ourselves pushing everything and everyone away.

We become all hard edges, walls, lines, shapes, boundaries.

It becomes an epic battle to head back to ourselves, our Buddha nature, and see, feel and embrace everything.

Tree cares not what you do, but doesn't understand you either. How can you live so far away, so alone while sitting there with you back to the tree. So alone, far away, separate, disconnected and not alive. Tree cares not, for the tree can only surround you with the what already encompass you, the hard edges lines of what is not.

Even rocks are but sand and water, and a million years of time. Life, love, light, flows through them, the call clear and pure.

But you, sitting alone beneath that tree, so alone, so far yet so near...

"Put no distance between you and where you are..."

Then the call will comes through loud and clear, a whisper in your soul as you own Buddha nature awakes from as a long sleep...

Thanks to Monica at Buddhist in Nebraska for inspiring this post in her's about Connecting Fenceposts tonight.

On a different note, this is my hundredth post for this year, I've been a chatty Cathy this year. It's also my 13th for this month, and I love that number. So it's somehow poetic that this post is about leaving behind limits and fence posts in favor of the all . . .


alan said...

I have read this a half dozen times now; I'm not usually speechless, but all I can find to say is "thank you"!


Samantha said...

Speechless is okay, sometimes, there is indeed something greater than us and words are not needed. You should try sunset one day and wait for twilight. There's this pause as the world takes a deep breath as the last rays of the sun vanish from the horizon and then a crescendo of dusk, the nightlife of the world coming alive. It's amazing, and will also take your breath away.

Better than even watching it, experience it, live it. Let down the walls, tun in, tap in, and turn on. It'll be amazing.