Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day Version 2.0, now with presents!

Two hundred thirty three years in the making, Independence day just got better!

So it's been an interesting day, or couple of days. Topping the list is the news from my sister that yes, she did in fact elope! I'm so happy for her, cause she's been searching for a while for Mr. Right. Before too much confusion ensues, this is NOT the same sister that was just in the hospital. I'm blessed with several. So, yes, my sister is now a married woman! So there is that, most certainly a present in my book, because I've so wanted her to be happy!

In other news, yesterday on a whim, driven by partial panic, I took Jumper One back into the shop. Why? Because while there's supposed to be a "Tiger in the Tank" it's not supposed to sound like one while driving. Mind you, the growling sound was coming from the engine, not the exhaust system that I had completely replaced two years ago. So I brought it in, had them listen, at which point the mechanic looked at me and said "Never heard a car do that before . . ." Great, I'm already freaking out that my poor Jumper is going to cost me a fortune to fix, and then he says that! Two hours of listening to Sarah Palin prattle on without making much sense other than she's quitting, they take me into the bay to show me what the noise is. The heat shield came off one of the mounts and was vibrating against the exhaust. Twenty three dollars later, she was good to go. Regrettably the tires need to be replaced. All four of them. Thankfully, they are having a special one day sale tomorrow. Buy one tire, get one free. That will significantly reduce the cost, but it's taking a heck of a bite out of my reserves what with an alignment and all. But hey, they could have skunked me on the heat shield and didn't, and let me in on a sale they were having tomorrow, so like I say, presents!

I also realized that while I probably won't live here the rest of my life, on balance, Ohio has been pretty good to me so far. I've also learned that i can be involved in helping other people I care about, without destroying my own life in the process. You know, that's pretty cool too.

So I hope everyone has had a happy, healthy and safe Independence day and have found their own presents.

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