Monday, July 20, 2009

British Job Opening: Wanted, Witch.

It's a nice Salary, just over 80k a year here on this side of the pond:

BC News | Business | The witch job that pays £50,000

It's interesting but whats the catch? Here's my question,

Does the job come with flying monkeys? cause that's a deal breaker for me. Being a Witch of that sort without flying monkeys is like being captain of a boat that's five hundred miles inland and can't go anywhere. Why it's like being a top level demon reporting directly to the source without minions. It's like being a Goa'uld, a false god, without an army of Jaffa.

See, that's why the pay is so high, because they are hoping someone will over look the lack of flying monkeys. Just over 80K a year and no flying monkeys, wow, the economy really is in trouble . . .

I mean if I have to bring my own flying monkeys, well they are going to have to pay me a whole lot more!


alan said...

Quite a story...

In the corner of that page was another, about a 259 car pile-up in Germany...perhaps the body shops have been doing some hiring of their own?


Samantha said...

I remember a few like that back in Colorado. The highway was closed for several days after hundreds of cars and trucks had all piled together into one horrific mess. Miracle of it all was the actual number of fatalities was comparatively low. But yeah, the front range has a long and distingushed history of those. I suspect you're quite correct, body shops and their ilk must have made out well on the deal.