Saturday, July 11, 2009

A new way of doing things . . .

Since I am starting to "process" more of my stuff, and at times it can get darker than I like to put over here, I've started another blog. The darker stuff, the stuff related to surviving and the crap I've been through is going to go over there. Below you will see an entry that reads only "MY Car . . ." it's a link through to the other blog, and the other stuff. This way I don't have to feel guilty about what content goes here. Yeah, I know, it's my blog, but it's my head and heart too. There's so much more than meets the eye, I just need a different way of organizing it. And thus, a blog is born.

In other news, my friend Chelsea looked like she was going to fall off the chair tonight when we were talking about one of her friends who was Dyslexic and I said "Oh, yeah, I know how much that sucks, I'm dyslexic too." When she could speak again the first words out of her mouth were "But you're so smart! You can't be dyslexic!"

Yeah, if only it really worked that way. So we talked about that for a while, her being further amazed because "If you're this smart and you're dyslexic, wonder what you'd be like if you were not?" I think after talking about it for a while she finally has a bit better understanding of it, but I'm not sure.


alan said...

I never had problems 'til I started wearing the letters play tricks on me sometimes, though they still make words, it's just not the word that's really there!

Read a sentence and think "that's bizarre", re-read it and find it totally different, so then you read a 3rd time just to make sure...

Still, it keeps things "interesting"!


Samantha said...

You know, that's pretty much how I look at dyslexia. Like I told Chelsea, I learned how to work around it and went on with my life. Amusingly enough even with dyslexia I read dramatically faster than most human beings, so it kinda balances out I guess. But yeah, reading, writing, even at times speaking, I'll not only have problems with letters and numbers, but entire words and sentence structure. Sometimes it's little things, sometimes it's the stuff of absurdity. One winter we were having a good healthy snow, and the plow was coming through. Earl said what's that noise and without missing a beat I said no worries, it's the truck ironing the parking lot. Three times he said WHAT?!?!? And three times I said they were ironing the parking lot. Wasn't till he repeated it back to me did it click in my head that I meant plowing the parking lot.

Yeah the bizarre factor has been such a part of my life for so long I hardly notice anymore. And I don't even have bifocals.