Saturday, July 04, 2009

Oh yes, one other present . . .

I don't even know how I forgot to mention this!

Many, many years ago I dated someone who is in some respects single handedly responsible for the direct my life has taken in the years since. I've been trying to find her now for several years to thank her for the profound and lasting touch she's had on my life. Today, my extensive mining of the internet and other databases turned up a solid lead. I'm working on a letter to her right now. I imagine it's probably going to blow her right out of the water so to speak, because we dated twenty three years ago. We were both 22. So now I have the chance to thank her for the lasting touch she had on my life.

Talk about a present. A chance to reconnect just a bit and see how she's doing, and let her know just how important and special she is, and the part she played in my life.

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