Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You know your Sister is in trouble when . . .

. . .she say's "I love you Sis" and really means it, and then thanks you for sending the police to get her a week ago.

You also know what a complete tool her boyfriend is when she tells you that you, who happens to be 1200 miles away, are being, and have been way more help than the boyfriend who is there in Colorado. Understandably she no longer trusts the BF, especially since it was because of him that she was ready and determined to take her own life.

I wish I was joking. She's been suffering from folks blowing her off for years. Not listening to her, not taking her seriously, not thinking about how SHE feels. She was trying to have a heart to heart conversation with this man and he fell asleep on her. Right in the middle of the conversation. She decided she didn't want to kill him though she felt more than hurt enough. Well no, she wanted to, but it's not her style, so she decided it was time to kill herself.

I had to step in. If I'd been there I'd have gone and gotten her myself. But there was no way, even if I was willing to get on a plane, to get to her in time. So I had to ask for help to stop her. It was a hard thing to do, but better than the alternative.

I did it because yes, I love her, but also because I didn't want to see her have to suffer more after she'd managed to kill herself. Been there, done that to myself, and didn't want her to have to find out the truth up front and personal like.


alan said...

That you managed to "be there" at the right time and right place "remotely" only adds to your mystique!

Not that you haven't done that at other times I remember!


Chelsea said...

making that phone call is the hardest thing ever, i have been there before. but luckily they are usually thankful afterwards. Its amazing that you could do that for your sister, and that she recognizes that! :)