Thursday, September 16, 2004

The "V" word!

While one might think I'm talking about my vagina, really I'm not! I'm talking about another word that has become of late almost as near and dear to my heart as my own lovely, hidden "couchi snortcher" [Thank you Eve Ensler!] and that word is...

Mind you, I don't care WHO you vote for, just as long as you do! This country is being marginalized and victimized at every turn by a population too disenfranchised to vote. This year I will vote, for the very first time because I finally found something to vote for, MY RIGHT to do so!

Sure it may be a function of picking one scoundrel over another, or settling for less than what I might want in a President but I've come to realize that I cannot sit on the side and complain about how bad the system is, I have to do at lesat a little something to help make change.

The only way you are heard, and the only way to make your voice count even a little, is to use the hard won RIGHT to vote. Change CAN happen but it takes time and the ONLY way right now it will is if you stand up and vote, even if it is only to protect the right to do so!

We need to get out in force at the polls this year, a force like NEVER before seen in history and let the grumpy old crooks, liars and thieves that we have had enough and we are watching!

I'm going to [I hope] vote for a candidate that I HOPE will help me protect the things I believe in, the things, the issues, near and dear to my heart! You should do the same! I've never voted before because the system IS so flawed, and the corruption IS so rampant and so on, but the whole time I was missing the point!

If you do nothing else, VOTE for the RIGHT to VOTE, for not to is to risk giving it up forever!

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