Sunday, September 26, 2004

Road trips!

Getting away from things is vital to keeping one's sanity, at least those are my feelings. No need to go far, no need to spend huge amounts of money, periodically just get in a car, drive to a small town you have never been to and be a tourist for a while. Nothing fancy, no great expenditure and little or no real pressure. Just go somewhere, have a couple of meals somewhere and relax some.

That was how I did things before I met "Earl" and early in our relationship I had thought we had reached a meeting of minds on the value of little trips like these. He had other ideas, and short trips like this never fit his world view, he could not understood going somewhere for a couple of days. Mind you on a small number of occasions we did things my way and he DID relax and unwind.

I am taking my life back, and high on my list of things to do is actually get away from it every so often. How can anyone appreciate what they have, or are working toward, if they do not get away periodically? Why not go somewhere out of your normal time and space and have a timeless moment or two? Sit where earth, sky and sea come together and feel powerful natural energy, live a moment and meditate right there where Cass calls the "Zero point" soaking up energy and relaxing!

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