Saturday, September 25, 2004

I love children . . .

. . . I just have to be whole enough to even think about having any in my life fulltime. Quite honestly there is a time for growing, at time for healing and never the twain shall meet. The height of irisponsibility would be to rush out after nine years with an Eight year old like "Earl" find someone and have children because (and this is a visual some so forgive me) my biological clock is (pounding foot on floor) ticking away madly!

If that didn't quite make sense, see "My Cousin Vinny" there is a scene where Marisa Tomei is standing on the porch talking about her biological clock ticking away while pounding her foot for emphasis! Mad funny, but also serious scene, trust me! It also happens to be a wonderful movie and in my humble opinion, Marisa (as Mona Lisa Vito) steals the show repeatedly! Mind you I'm not alone in my thinking, in 1993 Marisa won "Best Actress in a Supporting Role" for her poinent portrayal of Ms. Mona Lisa Vito!

Speaking of biological clocks am I the only woman offended by men "siring" children well into their seventies (Tony Randall) and then dropping dead?!?! Why is it we have reasonably, natural limitations and they can go on "sowing" their oats right up until they die? Come on already! I say we need some reasonable limitations here, stop trying to take away my right to decide what I want to do with my body and take some responsibility for your own guys! Rape should be a capital offense, and YES I say take them out of the gene pool, since forced sex changes would be considered "Cruel and unusual" punishment.

Now I don't want to get off on a rant here, but isn't RAPE a "cruel and unusual" punishment for being born female? How many of us get off so easy for an offense that isn't a crime? Prision for a while? Come on who makes up "punishments" for crimes anyway?!?! Oh that's right, the very same scum sucking, bottom feeding, life taking, animals who just happen to look like they hold a similar space in earths genetic history as we do, MEN!!!!!!!

So getting back to my point, there is without question a time and place for children! They can enrich life beyond measure and for as much work as they are, the rewards, well you just have to experience that yourself. Trust me, I know, as painful a trip as it is, it is still worth every moment! However, it is a journey not for those faint of heart, or those who are very young and still growing, let alone healing themselves.

I have to finish healing before I can think of children or pets, and if my "clock" runs out so to speak, there are quite litteraly hundreds of thousands of children world wide dying for a loving, supportive and safe home! Adoption is a wonderful way of having children, and a simply spendid way of sharing your love with the universe!

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