Saturday, September 18, 2004

Talk about twisted reality!

For the better part of my life up to this point I've had to have so much explained to me that many where certain I was born on another planet. Sarcasm, subtlety, tact, and so much more were as alien to me as to Spock of Vulcan. I just didn't get them, they passed over my head like so much gibberish!

Recently, having been given no choice but to "start over" in so many ways, I've been growing in fits and starts. Most interesting in this part of my journey is that I'm finding great gifts I left myself 34 years ago when I took extreme steps to protect myself. There's a great deal of back-story there I'll get to at another point, for the moment however I find in quite literally the blink of an eye not only getting and using the aforementioned tools, but explaining them to other people.

I'm a big fan of Stargate SG1 and now Atlantis as well, and in the Season Finally of SG1 the very end of the episode Gen Jack O'Neill had a great line, rife with sarcasm that I needed to explain to my Sister. . . Mind you for quite a while She's been the one explaining sarcasm to me, time and again when something went flying over my head! Quite a difference, quite a twist even, for someone who took the clue out of clueless. For those who missed it:

The scene is in the gateroom, the gate back where it belongs, SG1 on the ramp facing the blast doors, and Gen O'Neill (That's with 2 l's as he holds up three fingers) having been rescued from the "Trust" Alkesch before it jumped to hyperspace and Daniel says to Jack:

Daniel: "In retrospect maybe you should have destroyed
the ship when you had the chance"

Jack (Deadpans): "Yeah . . ." Looks at the SGC's flagship team, and his friends, who would have been destroyed with the Alkesch and says sarcastically: "Tough Choice." as he walks off.

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