Thursday, September 16, 2004

Thank Nobody for this, really she inspired me to take this step!

So for several years now at least two for certain, more like three or four however, I've been looking for Nobody. Mind you she wasn't hiding, more like I was missing from the land of the living, and thankfully we both still reside there. Last night at 22:15 EST while continuing to search for her, I found her, pretty much right where I left her in Colorado.

Many might, and HAVE asked how or why it would or could take a computer wonk SO long to find Nobody? Well it is not so much the who, how, or why as much as the WHEN! I've been a mess, a beaten, abused, periodically suicidal, taken for granted mess who was honestly not in good enough shape to find Nobody!

Now however I'm mostly standing again, wobbly, terrified, and horribly weak, yet like all victimised women who manage to survive, working hard to climb out of my own grave. Sounds dark doesn't it? Well this is not a place for the faint of heart, and will with time become I assure you a brighter, friendlier place to be!

My primary motivation is healing and growth! This "blog" [What a funny word 'blog' is it not?] is as much for me, as people I care about and who care about me! I'm writing this because Nobody's frank, and powerful prose about some of her own deamons and history reasonated so strongly in so many ways, that I thought I'd be truly blessed if I could get close to something like it. I also think that letting it out, getting it out, is to my mental health what opening the windows when Spring rolls into ones neck of the woods after a longer dark winter!

So, my deepest and most heartful thanks to Nobody for her own truly unique way of bringing life and sunshine into the last dregs of my winter of discontent! For those who've not been blessed with the pleasure of her company, or wanting that, my stories of same, Nobody is an actual real live person. Nobody once wished to buy a large enough piece of land to create her very own town of Nowhere because it would amuse her! Why Nobody? Who would so hate a child as to name her Nobody you ask? No-one, She simply prefers it to her given name simply because she is the living breathing personification of "Nobody could possibly be that lucky!" and such other comments we've all heard.

Case in point: Nobody once wished to win tickets for a concert, called me up at the last moment and asked me to win them for her! Which I promptly did. The how and why is unimportant, it's all energy and quantum physics that would bore you to death, TRUST me, Heisenberg's "Uncertainy Principle" alone will put you into a coma [Forgive me?!?] what's important however is she called someone to make it happen! Hence "Nobody could possibly be that lucky!" Well, I appreciate that concert at Red Rocks now significantly more than I appeared to at the time. She could have taken anyone but choose me, and I did and do appreciate having been asked to go even if at the time I was still a bit too "messed up" to really enjoy it with her properly.

Find out more about the lovely, talented and awesome Nobody for yourself!

It's now 1:46 EST and I have to drive to New Jersey tomorrow so I'd best try for some sleep! More to follow as time, energy and heart permits!

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