Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Worse things could happen...

...than being Mrs. Someone. But I haven't been Mrs. Anyone since Earl died. Imagine then my surprise when I called into AAA to change my address, to be addressed as Mrs? Ah, no, sorry Max, I'm Ms. Me, not Mrs. Me. "Oh, I'm sorry Ma'am, I didn't realize..." Mind you it's single membership, I'm the only one on it, and I started it up new last year. They wouldn't allow me to change my address on the website, because I moved out of the coverage area. Wait, WHAT? I thought my card was good anywhere I traveled to, and by extension, anywhere I drive to because well, I'm taking my car right? "Oh yes, Ms. You, it's good anywhere in the world really, just that membership is handled by different companies in different regions."

"Eh? What? Different companies? I thought this was Triple A? I am talking to Triple A right?"

"Oh yes Ms. You, it's just that the regions are all managed by different companies, even though we are all Triple A."

Great so I have to have a headache just because you have Multiple Personality Disorder? So anyway, after much ado, I managed to get my address changed and It'll still say member since 2007 on it, even though it's a different company, with the same everything, including name, but I'll probably pay less because it's not the east coast anymore. Right. Same name, start date, services, just cheaper and a different company in a different area...

Makes me think of a M*A*S*H episode. Several actually. Like any of the number of the times they try to stop drinking. Which of course lets them see JUST how insane it really all is. No wonder they wanted to hook up and IV bag of highgrade "hooch" right into their veins. Saves them all the trouble of getting drunk!

So, with any luck, I'll get a new welcome package, from a new company with the same name, that's going to charge me less because I live in a different state, but they provide the same service. Does your head hurt yet?

Thank Buddha for the path, the view of the middle way, of not getting attached, because otherwise this might be grounds for paranoia instead of mild bemusement at the intensional, institutionalized, needless, suffering... It's all kinda funny when I think about it outside the experience. I am a leaf on the wind...

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