Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vote to PREVENT hate from being written into California's constitution.

Tell everyone, regardless of where they live, that they need to help raise awareness of this issue. Narrow minded hate peddlers are trying write HATE into the constitution of California. Now the Mormons, who really should know better, are pumping money into organizations that sponsor hate. Tell someone, tell everyone that they need to get the word out in any way possible. Sara has an excellent post about it on her blog, she did a better job of writing it up than I could right now, so please, please go give it a quick read?

You could, even if it's only five dollars, donate to the fund, it certainly can't hurt right?

This is important folks, and with the election not far off, we need to get involved. As Sara points out, this effects everyone in one way or another. It's not even just about who can or cannot marry, it's the first step towards excluding everyone who isn't some kind of perfect "Blond haired, Blue Eyed" bible thumping biggot. Talk the talk, walk the walk, or they will find a reason that the consitution can be used against you. This is supposed to be a democracy, but increasingly the right is trying to make it a Theocracy. I'm not saying having a faith is a bad thing, heck, I'm a Buddhist, so I have one too. But nothing in or about mine says that I should EXCLUDE others who don't believe.

So please, vote NO on prop 8, even if with a small donation to the cause. Know anyone in California that's not a narrow minded biggot? Please, call them and get them out to the polls to vote down Prop 8!!! The rights you save could be your own...


Sara said...

You are awesome, Sam! Thank you! And, thanks for reading up on it, I neglected to mention on my post that this is an attempt to write hatred and discrimination into the California State constitution.

Everyone, let's get out there and change a few voters' minds! Spread the word to other blogs. Make a difference for equality and let's show the 300+ groups that backed us on ENDA that we truly are United!

Thank you, again.

Samantha said...

Thank you Sara for the vote of confidence, and making the point that regardless of who or where we are, we can get involved to help. We should. Not just to stand up with "our" people, but to stand tall and proud with ALL OUR people. Freedom loving human beings with a higher moral compass than who they can shoot in the face and get away with it. While everyone is out there voting to support freedom and rights for everyone, vote for Obama! We cannot handle four more years of Bush and his cronies...

Vote if for no other reason than to protect your right to vote! Really! Again, the rights you save could be your own!

Sara, I'm glad to help in any way I can, and think that your article was well reasoned, and well written. I just helped where I could. I really liked what you wrote, and think everyone with more than a few braincells to rub together should read it! Read it and vote, donate, or get the word out!