Thursday, October 16, 2008

News flash! There's NO "R" in Washington!

I'm sorry, but if I had any doubt whatsoever about who I was voting for, John "I should have been a plumber" McCain is not on my short list. I mean if Darth Vader showed up and it was either John McCain or Darth, well, no doubt in my mind, I'd vote for Darth.

What brought this up? John McCain's latest advermercial was recorded by his people, and they let him talk. In Warshington...

Where John?

In Warshington!


Certainly, why we're even going to have Joe the plumber come on down and stay in the Lincoln Bedroom!

Is that before or after you goto speech therapy, and get your GED?

Sorry John, but my Grandfather used to say Warshington, and well he's long since passed. My idiot brother STILL SAYS Warshington.

I'm sorry folks, but there is no "R" in WASHINGTON, and that's where the White House is...

If you pronounce an "R" in Wash or Washington, you might be a redneck!

Unless of course you've been a senator from Arizona for umpteen years. Then it just makes you an idiot. Business as usual, same failed policies, same greedy people who claim to be Mavricks, but still pronounce an "R" where there isn't one. He's so smart? Such a Maverick?

Learn how to speak!


alan said...

As you say, no matter who was on the Democratic ticket I would have no choice...

My heart is there, along with a rescindent hope I thought murdered 40 years ago!


Samantha said...

You and me both Alan, you and me both! I find it so strange to have hope this late in the game, but I'm glad I do!!!