Tuesday, October 28, 2008

8 Against 8 and related...

So I wanted to introduce folks to another group of amazing, outspoken, brilliant bloggers who are doing their part to defeat Prop 8 in California! They've formed 8Aginst8 and are doing great work on the their own to defeat hate in California!

So aside from the really cool logo, they are each putting their own feelings on this rediculous, hateful measure, and I'm so loving what I'm reading, I thought I'd share. But first, a new picture I cobbled together just for the duration of the emergency per Reise's request:

Reise has a fun and funny PSA over on her blog, that is great to watch. So if you get a chance, run on over and give it a look, well worth it!

Seems from the latest that we are going to win this one, I personally know several people who've voted early and voted AGAINST 8, so I'm looking forward to the polls on election night saying that Prop 8 has been voted down!

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alan said...

I look forward to hearing that as well as a time when no one would consider proposing it!