Tuesday, October 07, 2008



Sparkling lights dancing across a sea of pure silver.

A shore of sharpness, beginning, ending, creating, destroying, a razor sharp expression of endless possibility.

A coastline broken by gentle undulations in the sea of shiny solidness, small undulations in the perfection to balance surface tension.

Strength, length, rigid, hard, unyielding shape of solid, real, stillness sliding gracefully, coaxing out possibility.

My hand around a shank of wood and metal, bonded together, touching but always apart, solid and real to my touch.

Destroying one shape, one now and creating another.

This fixed, rigid object, lifeless and solid, flowing with energy, purpose, context as I gently draw it across a surface.

Biting into the flesh, red, round, cold and wet, once whole, changing state and shape, ending and yet beginning all at once.

Graceful, slow, deliberate moments of transformation.

Nows of then.

Ending a now of wholeness, birthing slices of juicy summer freshness, a hint of fragrance freed, the core removed, seeds released back into an endless ocean of life.

An end and a beginning.



alan said...

Life is found in the creation of things, I guess...objects...ourselves...

Thank you for being you!


Samantha said...

You're most welcome Alan, thank you!

Creation, destruction, re-creation, the wheel of life...

Thanks for visiting!