Monday, September 29, 2008


Lin Jensen at Tricycle Blog writes:

From my viewpoint, Buddhism is not about getting enlightened—it’s about being kind. If I have a chance at the time of my death to take an accounting of what I’ve done, I won’t be asking how enlightened I’ve become, I’ll be asking how much kindness I’ve shown to others.

This is how the Buddha began, who set out walking the earth not in quest of enlightenment but in search of a means to end the suffering he saw all about him. If I ever hope to realize a generous, loving, merciful, nonviolent human society, I too must carry on the daily practice of generosity, love, mercy and nonviolence that the Buddha set in motion. This is the practical and ordinary work of the bodhisattva.

The rest is very well written and inspires me to reach all at once deeper into myself, and out into the 'verse around me with loving kindness. A smile of peace and love for every person I meet on the path. Tenderness and compassion, leaving the randomness of it all behind and accepting, embracing and integrating it into my soul. Individuation only helps me see and understand the depth and breadth of the souls around me. All the same, all different, all precious. Seems I have a new blog to keep track of! I love the way Lin writes!

While I so dig the bumper sticker "Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty" I'm trying to make mine a bit less random! I just like to practice kindness whenever and where ever I can. Frankly, it's become somewhat, well, addictive. Being myself allows me to smile, deeply and truly and this never fails to bring a smile to someone else. If anything, it's my no so secret super power, and I love using it on everyone I meet! Mwahhhh! I'm going to smile my way to ascension this time, instead of sitting in meditation until moss grows on me like the last time! "Run for your lives folks, she's armed with a smile in her eyes, and laughter in her heart and she's not afraid to use them!"

Thanks to Monica at a Buddhist in Nebraska for bringing this to my attention!

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