Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lost and Found...

It's been said that be it for a day, month, season or life, friends are important to us. This week has been utterly amazing on so many levels I don't know if I can do then justice here now. I will however endeavor to share them with you.

Over 20 years ago my relationship with one of my sisters strained past the breaking point. She was up till then one of my closest friends. Something like 8 years ago we lost all touch whatsoever. I've been actively trying to fide her since then. She had intractable mental health issues that drove both this split between us, and my in-ability to find her. This week, I found her... in the Social Security Death Index. I'm torn, yes, I hurt some from the loss, but on the otherhand I know now she's not in pain, at least not like she was. So, my loss is really her gain. I found that I truely have embraced Buddhism and it has given me comfort and eased my pain of loss. I can clearly see the benefit to her, and me, and my path is clear. Impermanace at work.

By the same token, while I am quitely rejoicing in the clear end of her suffering, I have found someone else I lost about 16 or so years ago. A very close very dear friend and I drifted apart. Not because of her problems, but my own. I've been trying very hard to find her in the last few years. Turns out, she's been wondering about me too... Nearly two decades between us, and we picked up mostly where we left off. In one of the e-mails we swapped tonight, she said: "Do you remember being the best friend a girl could have?" Wow! I told her the feeling was mutual, and it was.

So, as I say "Till we meet again" to my sister, I welcome a long lost friend back into my life. I've gotta tell you, it's a wonderful thing! So much I've got to say, but it's 06:00 and I need sleep... More to follow soon I promise!

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