Monday, November 14, 2005

She's getting serious!

Okay, so it's just one day, and I have Ellie to thank for it but it was a good start and I'm still smarting from it. Sunday, yesterday, Ellie and I went over to Turkey Swamp Park and walked for about an hour. We covered about 2 and a 1/2 miles, and stopped at my favorite fitness station which is park of Turkey Swamp Parks fitness trail

So, now, just about every part of me from my breasts down hurts. I cannot for the life of me explain why, but my favorite station has to be one of the hardest. Station SIX is a crunch/sittup kind of thing, where you sit on a bench, hook your feet under a board, and lay down to touch a board behind you and situp again. Station SIX claims five reps is good for beginners, and fifteen reps is ideal for advanced users.

Ellie inspired me to do 30, five of them pilates style with my arms out straight, the remainder with them rested on my stomach. OY! So today, as anyone might expect, I hurt all over! What's worse is it feels good, like I actually accomplished something. Go figure! Perhaps more frightening still is my plan to do it again tomorrow. I don't even have to talk to anyone, or go near anyone making it all so much better. (People still frighten me, okay, terrify me) I'm alone, minding my own business, and not near anyone, plus I'm getting myself in better physical shape.

Now if I can just get over my fears of crowds, crowded places, people, and like just about everything else I might be able to be human again one day. Fulltime? Ha, SOC guidelines says something about living and working (or volunteering) in one's "new" role. Yeah, riiiiigggghhhtttt, that is SO going to happen. I cannot even goto a drive through by myself at this point. Waiting is for fullness I guess . . .

Mad props to Collen for the new look. I'm not going to be complete slime and totally copy it, but it's an awesome start and I hope she's not going to be upset with me while I work on making it my own!

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Colleen said...

Hi Samantha :) Thanks for the comments on my blog about your own experience.

And I don't mind at all. Actually, this is the Minima template that you can pick from the Templates area. All I did was change the colors and some of the stuff around and add a picture! Thanks for stopping by and you are very sweet!