Saturday, November 12, 2005

Not a bad day all things considered . . .

So I'm not really certain what I'm here to say, other than I had a decent day if you don't take into account the failed trip to Blockbuster. Thought I could handle it, took an extra anti-anxiety med to help give me some addition protection and marched into the place like I used to do.

Well, in short order my whole system was shutting down and I was in danger of crashing badly. Panic and anxiety welled up out of control, and I was in trouble once again. I left, quickly, and took a half hour nap in the car while Ellie shopped in a couple of stores.

We went back home, had some dinner, I napped some more and then we watched "Bewitched" with Nicole Kidman. It was, simply awesome! I'm not usually a big fan of remakes, but this was really, really well done! I really enjoyed this a great deal, easily one of my favorite films!

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