Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Making progress! Or at least getting more exercise!

Okay, compared to some people I'm a lightweight, I get that, compared to others however I'm a health freak. Whatever! The news however is every day for the last week I've managed at least 30 sit ups each day, and running up and down three flights of stairs. Yesterday I squeezed in a minute of probably too fast jumping jacks which came out to 140 someodd jumps. That's something like two per second, and now I'm a bit sore in a bunch of new places.

Today, I managed two loads of laundry, and 40 sit ups along with three flights of stairs. I'll stick with 40 sit ups for the next week and go from there. Oddly enough all this extra work feels good! So, I'm guessing I'm doing something right!

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