Friday, August 15, 2008

Some updates before I head over to the park.

Okay, a while back I was talking about nails, specifically the home grown kind. I promised a picture and finally got around to it today:

I do my own manicures on a regular basis because I can, and I wish to. Plus it saves me money on having someone else do it. For me it's a form of meditation, I slow down and focus on each step of working on my nails. Kinda like woodworking. I strip them, massage and work the cuticles, buff them, shape them, and lay on one or more coats of polish until they are done. Little bit of soft jazz, a cup of green tea, and time all to myself. It's very cool. Believe it or not I've never had my nails done by someone else (at least in this life) and really don't see the need to. Who knows, maybe I'll treat myself one day and have someone else do them, but for now, I'm quite happy with them.

Earlier today I mentioned clocks. Now admittedly most people don't give them much thought. For me, they are important, and I have one specific requirement for them. That they display time in so called "military" notation. Everything else is cake. Needless to say, finding a decent, inexpensive clock that displays in military notation (see picture left) isn't as easy to find as you might think. The one I did find however is perfect, and it makes me think of something right out of Stargate or Firefly. It's also an automatic self setting clock with day, date and temp that runs on 2AA batteries and will either sit on a desk, or hang on the wall. I can easily see and read it from any part of the room in most lighting situations.

Last but not least, while I have a complete set of everyday dinner ware in the storage locker, it's 800 miles away in New England at this moment, so I decided this place would feel more like home with some real plates. I wanted something fun, expressive, festive and uplifting to look at. While I can plate food as well as anyone on the food network, making it look good and so forth, I want the base on which I plate the food to look good too! One morning at 1:30 while browsing the isles of my local super market, I found a perfect set:

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Lori D said...

I hate you.

Phhht. Real nails. Phhht.

K, I don't really hate you. But I love your nails. So there.