Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Prayer Request" or Quantum Physics 101

Hello everyone,

It's three years after Katrina, and Gustave is bearing down on New Orleans as I type. Currently, it's giving the Marines in Guantanamo bay a taste of waterboarding, or more simply put, drowning. Gustave has hit head on, and the current track shows it heading straight for the New Orleans coastal area. It's going to go straight across the widest part of the gulf, drawing energy and moisture up and intensifying.

So here's what I'd like folks to do even if for a couple minutes twice a day for the next three days. Pray.

Pray in whatever way works best for you for the entire state of Louisiana, because the track and projected size shows it basically eating the entire state. Pray for the city of New Orleans, goodness knows they need all the help they can get.

Now, for those of you even slightly interested in doing something more, here's a simple, easy proactive thing you can do. Take energy away from Gustave. Just say NO!

Picture in your mind's eye, this monster as it leaves Cuba. Feel the "anger" the energy, the winds, rain and power of this storm. Pure, powerful, energy like a giant ball of force heading towards the gulf coast. Now imagine you have a giant cable in your left hand, and another one in your right (or if you are a righty, the other way around) connected to a giant copper pole embedded in the ground. The piece of cable in your dominant hand you wan to plug into Gustave. Handle the cable carefully, and be sure it and you are safely grounded first, and just stick it into the giant ball of electricity. Let it run down the cable into the ground. You will feel a surge of energy in, through, and around you, just let it pass harmlessly into the ground. If you are able to multi-task, so much the better, keep it going full time for the next three days. Right now as I type this, I'm doing that, feeling the energy pouring through me and into the ground like a giant fire hose.

No "belief" in magic required, no skill, no training, no manual needed, just use this visualization to suck energy out of Gustave and dump it into the ground.

I'm fully serious here, deadly serious even, because aside from the property damage, a head on hit from a hurricane takes lives.

So let's all try and work together here to take away Gustave's energy. Stop him in his tracks, have it down graded.

For those of you with martial arts training, you may be temped to visualize blocking, or deflecting the storm. DO NOT DO THIS. There is NO safe place for it to go. It's already over Cuba and getting it to take a hard right turn, or bounce off Cuba and back into the sea will NOT work. No matter where it goes right now it's going to do some serious damage. So let's work together to try and stop him over the gulf.

Anyone with me?


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