Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Little Perfect Moment...

First, a heartfelt "Thank U" to Monica for inspiring the title of this post. Both the title, and the concept, came from a post of her's by the same name. Second, this is a post in stark, and somewhat deliberate contrast with last nights.

Tonight following a healthy and delicious dinner of Chicken, Pasta, Broccoli, Red Pepper's, Garlic, in a touch of Parmesan cheese I broke out the big guns.

Three little elliptical morsels of sheer bliss, each succulent shell slowly dissolving to reveal sweet, savory, dark and light in a symphony of tastes, smells and perfection that had me back at Ghridelli's in San Fransisco. The glorious combination of White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate perfection that slowly unfolds in my mouth. One little piece and I'm standing there in the sun overlooking the Bay, smells of water and sourdough wafting to my nose as the gulls soar above the beach. Sounds of the waves, and the ever present seals honking. Time stops as this chocolate slowly melts in my mouth, the flavors unfolding and complementing each other in perfect balance of Light, Dark and Milk harmonize to give me a little bit of Nirvana right here and now.

Am I having a Ghirdelli flash back? Nope. This mouthful of joy brought to me via the local grocery store and Mars Snackfoods. I'm not even kidding here. M&M has come out with something more evil than Dark Chocolate M&Ms. Triple Chocolate Premium M&Ms. THIS IS NOT A JOKE...

These things are amazing. Turely worth of the appelation "Premium" and they take melting in your mouth to a whole new level. I savor them, slowly, three at a time, despite the package saying a quarter of the package is a serving. Nope, three is perfect for me, spread across several minutes to fully appreciate each morsel. At that rate, this package should last a month or more. Then again, I've always been the odd child, I can open a new bag of potato chips, pull out a single chip, take two full minutes to get it into my mouth, and then put the bag away for weeks.

I don't tend to develop attachments to things easily, because deep down, in that timeless part of my soul that is thousands, even tens of thousands of years old, I really understand impermanence. So I just don't get attached in the first place. What I'm discovering however is by not being attached in that sense is every kiss is like the first one, fresh and new and magical, that special timeless moment that seems to render the universe unimportant and last for an eternity as time stops. It's my secret power for having just ONE potato chip. Every chip is the first, the last, the only chip. Timeless and eternal at the same time as being not there at all.

Mindfulness, being fully and completely present while enjoying food and company of frineds and family makes it eternal. Like being out on the river under a full moon, even if I never do it again, that one priceless timeless moment will stay with me forever. For even while I am not permanent, how I feel, what I've done, the lives I've touched, and whose have touched mine, will always be a part of me. No-one and nothing, short of the true and final death, can take anything from me. It's all here in my head and heart. Eternal and endless. Like me...

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