Saturday, May 31, 2008

A whole lota empty goin on...

Well I'm down to my last full day where I am now. My room has a whole lot of empty going on. Doesn't look like I ever really lived there, and well I guess that's really how it should be. Tomorrow I formally close this chapter of my life and set sail for the next, two states away.

While I am for the most part, utterly thrilled on so many levels, there is a certain measure of loss in even this simple move. Friends I'll keep, but whom will be far enough away that getting together now will require travel and planning. A bevy of resources I'm going to need to replace, like doctors and my therapist.

This move has been too long in coming, and one that for quite some time had me utterly terrified. After all, the last bunch of moves have been shall we say, less than good for me? The lack of stability, planning, control over my own destiny has left me a tad shell shocked when it comes to moving. Technically, in the purest sense of things, the last several moves have been running in one form or another. This move is everything the last several have not been. This has been planned, controlled, and I'm going to someplace I'm looking forward to being for a while.

I'm not going to have any crazy roomates to deal with. It's going to be great. More than great, it's going to in one bold stroke suck a whole mountain of stress out of my life. I'm gonna pay my bills, live a quiet, simple life and do a bunch of relaxing to help me let go of the stress and damage I've accumulated over the last several years in hell.

So I'm going home...

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