Thursday, May 01, 2008

To boldly go...

...where no man has before.

Over forty years ago I first heard William Shatner speak these words. I've always believed in this message with some slight differences. Some time later Patrick Stewart was heard to say:

"To boldly go, where no-one has gone before."

Much better, because things aren't just limited to men in this second statement of intent. Trek, in all it's various incarnations has been about exploring, growing, opening contact with others outside our sphere of comfort.

Today I'm here to talk about men and them growing. Specifically a man in Oregon who has taken some bold steps to go where no man has before. You see he's pregnant.

Oh, dear God, he's what?

Yeah he's pregnant, folks get over it and move on. Frankly I think it's a reason for celebration! Two people who love each other, have made it through time enough to wish to bring a new life into the world. A life created with love, a life to cherish, norish, nurture and share thier love with. I think it's fabulous. Two wonderful people who, because his wife couldn't do it for whatever reasons, he stepped up to do what no man has ever done.

How is this possible? The details are spread far and wide across the the media, internet, and face of our tiny little planet. I'm not here to talk about the details, save except for maybe one question I've been hearing from many different directions on the net. Why? Why would this man step up and be seen and heard, why would this couple share this with the world? Why go on Oprah and many other media outlets to talk about this wonderful gift? What ulterior motives might he, or they have, for sharing this bit of news with the outside world? What's in it for them? And the questions go on from there.

I'm here to say that maybe, just maybe, they are proud parents, thrilled by finally being able to have a child, and like all new parents want the world to know. And maybe, just maybe, they were responding to the words of Jenny Boylan:

"What's frustrating about it is that there are so many
other stories out there, and they all desparately need to be told, so that all
of our stories can become familiar. We need to hear stories about trans men, we
need to hear stories about cross dressers, we need to hear stories about people
who are grateful for their gender diference, stories with humor, and love, and
affection, instead of the usual blah blah blah about wrecked marriages and
heartache and people sobbing until their eyes are tired."

These are her words from her key note address at Southern Comfort Gender Conference in Atlanta on September 23, 2006.

Frankly, I think it's a great idea. Regardless of specific details, I personally feel what they are doing is in this spirit, and contributes well to humanities growth. We need more positive affirmations of life, love as well as the wonder and beauty of real people, living a real life.

So the Trans Community that is making noise about this being a bad thing needs to grow up and get over themselves. This isn't a popular statement, and I'm not going to get into an evaluation or discussion of who's right or wrong. I only know how I feel, and I think this man, this couple, these two people in love are making a powerful statement about humanity in general. People who think this is anything less than a positive affirmation, need to look seriously at themselves, and how or why they have grown so hard and cold.

We should all stand beside and behind thess unique and brave people. This man, and I don't want to hear any stupid questions or comments about him not being a man, is doin something wonderful! Period. It's that simple. If more men were to think this way, make a positive step toward life, love and growth, the world would be a much better place!

Trans people bickering, arguing, fighting about this being grandstanding or there being other negative reasons need to grow up. This is why people like Barney Frank consider "T" people disposable. We cannot even stand together with one of our brothers, raise a toast and say with one voice "This is a good thing! Bravo, Congratulations, Mazel Tov!!!" or anything along these lines??? I'm sorry but that's pathetic, and supports outspoken claims that "Trans" people eat their own young.

I know this sounds harsh, but I grow more disappointed in this "community" by the day. I've met and know some wonderful and blessed men and women since I was uncerimoniously thrust by fate into this community without any say in the matter. But I've also come to know the darker side, and I'm not really liking what I'm seeing. So I'm sharing my feelings here. I think a man carrying to term and bearing a child is one less, narrow minded, mcp.

Rock on people, live life, and get over the labels and biggotry. He, they, are, or should be, an inspiration for us all! One day, not terribly far into the future, there will come a point in time when entire reproductive systems can easily be transplanted from one person to another. Genetics and immune systems hybridized to prevent rejection and one day, a woman will get pregnant, carry a child to term and be, medically and genetically BOTH father and mother to this child. This women will have prior to transition banked her own sperm, and once she's healed from surgery, will have it used to concieve her own child.

It will be a glorious day for all of human kind, and it's not terribly far off. At that same point in time, a lesbian couple, using ONLY their own genetic material, will give birth to a child who has two mothers and no fathers right down to genetics. The former statement is currently possible, but the medical community has chosen to look elsewhere. The concept of "hybridizing" and immune system is new, and making life saving organ transplants significantly more effective and lasting is being done now in MA and other hospitals around the world.

The later is still in research, and a few years from practical application, but involves over simply put, using bone marrow from one mother, to fertilize the egg in another to start a new life. It will be a glorious day!

Human kinds single greatest impediment to grow is...

...wait for it...

...human kind!

This goes equally well for so called "T" people.

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