Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pure Jazz on Mother's day.

Sometimes, I get into a place in time and space when everything else is just so much noise. Country, or at least the mix they've got going today is more frentic than I can handle at the moment. I'm not really in the mood for Opera, Classical, or any of my usual suspects, so I've got my buddy John Coltrane gently playing. Something soothing, mellow on a day when I'm kinda glad I can do the whole Shirly McClaine thing and spend some time with my Mom on Mother's day. Frankly I feel my Mom is special everyday of the week, and am never all that far from the profound impact she's had on my life. My Mom may not have been perfect, but she's still mine, and she was perfect for me.

I have so many friends who groan when ever they find themselves doing, or saying something that is so like their Mom's. Me, I just can't help but smile. After all, I wouldn't be half the human being, the beautiful, caring, compassionate woman I've grown up to be if it weren't for my Mom. So, this is kind of my long winded way of saying Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's in the world. Me, I could have done so much worse than I grown up to be just like my Mom. I could have turned out like my Dad... Arggghhh. Thought to be honest even he's mellowed with time, kinda like a fine wine I guess.

So, today's a day for a little extra time to really appreciate our Mom's, for without them, we wouldn't even exist. Happy Mother's day Mom!

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