Friday, December 08, 2006

Wow, this is different . . .

MY journey has, as anyone who knows me, or has read enough of my blog knows, been somewhat different than that of many women. Today, the last bit of past, or "real life" that tied "him" to the earthly plane vanished into thin air.

Inspections in hand I made my way back over to DMV today and finished the paperwork legally making my car mine. Due to the nature of my journey, "HE" had to sell me my own car and then of course the whole normal thing associated with buying a car. Registration, Title, Inspection and so forth. Today I finished all that making the car legally ever more mine!

I waited on line at DMV and miracle of miracles I wound up at Dawn's window again. She looked up and said;

"Hello Samantha, I was just thinking about you. I was just thinking to myself I wonder if she'd printed swatches and what you you decided? Now here you are!"

Talk about personalized sevice. "Wow, Dawn you have a really good memory!"

"Honestly, you helped with that, when you were in yesterday, it was right at the end of the day and you were so nice and patient when MOST people are in a hurry. You made my day yesterday, I'm not used to people being nice to me, after all I'm just a DMV clerk who makes everyones life harder, just ask them! So, the big question in my mind is what DID you decide?"

I smiled and said; "My Nanna always said it was nice to be nice, and I agree. No point in making your life harder, you didn't do anything wrong. Frankly you made things simpleand painless yesterday, so I think you're doing a great job. As to swatches, yup, I printed them and decided I'd have to repaint the car to get the breast cancer plates. I have plenty of other BC pink ribbon stuff, including this (and held up my wrist with the bracelet I have) and I figure I really can't afford to have it painted.

So, Designer plates it is, cause everyone has the other ones, plus the designer plates have purple, my all time favorite color." So, designer plates it was and off I was to take the old plates off the car and put MY plates on! The old ones had been on long enough that I had trouble getting the rear plate off, but it finally came away and on went the new one! Miracle of miracles they even printed the title right then and there so I don't have to wait for it to show up in the mail. That of course went right into the safe when I got back to the house. It is something of an interesting feeling, it's not my first car, yet it feels like it is. I feel like I'm a teenager getting my first car, despite the fact that I'm 42. Legally, it IS in fact my first car, which means paying higher insurance than "HE" was for a while. Could be worse though, if I were male just getting a new license and car, my rates would be even higher. So, I'm a brand new driver with my first car.

"HE" had a good driving record, and I'm confident I'll have a good one in due time too. I'm glad I took drivers ed, and took it seriously, I'm an even safer, and more careful driver than "HE" was. What's the old saying? Familiarity breeds contempt? So, yeah, the last of that old life is now firmly behind me! It's all at once a really good feeling, and really strange too!

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