Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ha! I'm ready now . . .

. . . I think? So I went to another area today with conditions similar to the test area, and drove around for hours. In most states if you practice in the test area, they take your permit for a year and you cannot get a license. So, I found a similar area and did everything by the book, keeping a close eye on the speed and keeping it five under the limit in the school zone. Felt like an idiot driving 15mph through the roads, but it had to be done. I needed to know exactly what it felt like, so in my bones I'd be able to help keep the speed right. Stop before the line, and stop sign, then inch forward and move through the intersection etc . . . Tomorrow I'm going to be as close to damn perfect as I possibly can be.

I've done my nails, my hair, laid out the perfect outfit to have my picture taken in, everything. I know, I can hear you asking, what the frell is this woman talking about. Well for me, I like leaving nothing to chance, and every little bit helps. Its a confidence thing, if I look my best, I feel better than if I'm frumpy. Plus I so want a good picture on my drivers license, only way to do that, I prep! I'm going to send this, then probably hit the sack, get plenty of sleep so I'll be refreshed and rested. Get up early, have a good breakfast, lit it digest, put a final coat of pain on my nails and then go. I'll meditate for ten minutes before the test so I'm being nice and zen about it, and then just do it! This time I'll get it right!!! The perfect outfit is important because it frames my face properly on the bottom, nice crossdyed purple against the skin, a suede plum jacket over the top, just the right amount of framing to pick up on my coloration and I'll be good to go. Silver necklace for a bit of pop, and fine elongated teardrop leaf earrings in a shiny purple that works with the blouse, and green details to bring out my eyes. Just a light touch of Raspbery tint lip gloss, and a light dusting of powder on freshly exfoliated skin. Thankfully I don't need much makeup to look good, and natural!

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