Thursday, December 07, 2006

Late starts, sleeping, and so forth . . .

So today was interesting. I managed to get up, and out of the house, but not soon enough to get everything done in one day. I stopped at the bank, then Pepboys for some fuel system additive/cleaner and then a tank of super unleaded. Drive around a bit, and then into DMV at 4:30. Got temporary plates until I could get the car inspected, Dawn at DMV was very nice and helpful. We chatted briefly while she get the paperwork going. I'm trying to decide "designer plates" which are pretty, and Breast Cancer plates, which have the benefit of being one of my favorite colors (pink) but will probably clash with my car.

I said I'd have to print out some swatches and hold then next to my car. Dawn was amused because her boyfriend wouldn't get that but she's had a similar conversation with hundreds of women. Then, temporary plates in hand and off I went to the inspection station. For some odd internal screw up with the computers they had to run my car three times, each time it passed just fine, but it still took more than an hour. By then DMV was closed for the day.

Now, sleeping is something I'm not good enough at, and all at once too good at. Takes me far too long, even with meds, to get to sleep, so I commonly go to bed way too late. Then, THANKFULLY, the meds keep me asleep eight hours which is fine unless you go to bed at SIX. I've done it with, and without sleep meds, and I love my meds.

The problem of course is then when its time to get up I take a bit of time to "spin up" the drives before I can jump even off the bed. Okay, so maybe I watch too much Galactica (is there such a thing?) but otherwise the point is apt. So today, I finally dragged arse out of bed and got going. Bummer! If I'd gotten a bit eariler a start, I might have finished everything today!

M U S T, G e t t o b e d e a r l i e r !

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