Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What is with people anyway?

Self absorbed, lazy trolls who have nothing better to do than hang around places they aren't wanted or welcome, and people who want to spend ours of the phone talking to me about complete rubbish WHILE they try to convince me to move to Erie, PA?

I spent the day getting things done, and working on having something of a life. My little brother has nothing better to do than dream of things that are NEVER going to happen. I understand being needy, I think. I don't understand wanting to spend time on the phone talking about pie in the sky delusions, and having someone who is SO needed he's trying to get me to move to a backwater place like Erie, PA? I mean really, someone get him some smelling salts, he's passed out and is dreaming or something.

Today I spend the day on changing phone service, getting my drivers license and buying new insurance for the car so that I can register it tomorrow, or at least start the process. My brother on the other hand is dreaming of a Laptop he's not going to get, that he can't use because he's paralyzed and I doubt he'll get the voice recognition working. He has the nerve to spend fifteen minutes telling me what a STUPID plan my new phones were, despite the fact that they are a third the price of my existing service, and when I finally get a word in edge wise, he simply says, "Oh, sorry" as if that makes up for his being an overbearing know-it-all!

Of course this is when he's not telling me all about the laptop he's expecting someone else to buy him. I don't care that it is magnesium alloy, or that it has a dedicated "skype" connection jack for a handset. Big deal! Then of course his ongoing pipe dream that the mean people at housing are going to give him all this money for wrecking something that he didn't really own in the first place. I mean really, listening to this madness at times is nothing short of insanity run a muck. He's supposed to be being treated for his bi-polar disorder, but I honestly wonder if he's taking his meds, or being medicated correctly.

Then of course there is the simple fact that he's obsessed all at once with someone who no longer exists, and a new sister he's not trying to get to know, just control. Seems his home health aid was listening when I was talking to him earlier, and she decided that I should move out to Erie too. This of course got Dre started on th whole move thing again. Oh, yeah, you could afford like 800 a month for a house. I just don't understand people and money, really I don't! What is that child smoking anyway. I'm having trouble paying attention sometimes, and he's dreaming about the house I'm going to buy in Erie?

I know he and his brother could talk for endless hours about complete bullshit and a hodge podge of stupid part numbers, specifications and technology crap that just makes my head hurt. Who the FRAK cares, give me tools that will do what I need them to, and not require a phd in techno-babble bullshit. When is he going to get it through his head I'm not his brother? I have a laptop that does what I want and need it to really well. You know what, that's about all I can, or care to say about it. Yeah I could get into all the features and performance, but who really cares?

So, that's me eventing for a moment, not really pretty . . . SUCK!

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