Thursday, June 24, 2010

No, you're not seeing things . . .

 . . . I've made some changes to the look of my blog.  Decided it was more than time.  I hope I'm not catching anyone up short?  

So I started the month strong in terms of getting out and riding.  My plan was to cover at least as much ground as last month, if not a bit more.  Each month since I got Serenity I've been increasing the distance I ride and May had me cover 54 miles.  I figured I'd shoot for 60, seemed like a reasonable goal right?

Well I git carried away.  By the end of the second week I was at 49 miles.  Since then I've pushed on further, done longer rides in new places.  26 miles on the Little Miami Trail, 10 at Winton and then another long ride (for me) of 24.2 at Little Miami again.  I've traveled through almost a dozen towns and three counties, on a bike.  I set a new goal of 100 miles and promptly passed that one with time left in the month.  I'm at nearly 120 miles for June and my new goal, since it's so close now, is to burn Ten Thousand Calories (10,000) for the month of June.  As of this note, I'm 205 calories away from that goal and I have six days left in the month.  I think I can manage that.

While so far I've not seen a major change in what the scale says, I am noticing major differences in my life.  I'd not been in the saddle since Sunday and was itching to spent sometime along the river.  I did what I always do and checked the weather before I decided what I was going to do.  The temperature with the high humidity was pegged at 100 degrees and once not so long ago I wouldn't have even vaguely considered leaving the house.  Today I shrugged and figured I'd be sweating because of the riding anyway, so what the heck, I loaded up and made my way over to Dearborn. Eight miles later and I'm not all that sweaty.

Which brings me to the biggest change.  I'm no longer so much at the mercy of heat and humidity.  Gotta tell you, I'm really digging it!  Plus the places I've seen are wonderful.  All peaceful, quiet, scenic, and natural.  The flora and fauna I've been seeing, included a baby skunk today.  It was so utterly adorable, but there was NO way I was going to risk getting it annoyed with me.  Dearborn is so quiet and mellow I have been timing things so that my last run through is after sunset. Technically dusk really, and the moon above the river is lovely, and then there are the fireflies.  Thousands of them all along the trail.  It's amazing!  I love it!  Hopefully I'll get a chance to take the big camera down there and share the view with you all.  I know the camera is more than capable of shotting some stunning night pictures, so we'll see what I manage to do.  I can see some pictures in my minds eye that I want to share with you, so hopefully, I'll pull it all together and make it happen.  


Daya Curley said...

I continue to be so impressed by and proud of this journey...your zen of cycling..

Still out here cheering!!

Veronica said...

Blog looks great! It's a really nice background, and the overall look is very pleasing.

Now if you change the name of my link to "Life Right Side Up," it will be perfect. :)

Samantha said...

@Daya, thank you! Glad I can do my part so to speak? And I just realized I've been so hyperfocused on cycling of late that I've been neither blogging much, nor visiting other blogs much. I need to fix that I think!

@Veronica? LOL... You look just like my friend Véronique! :) Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with the new look myself, and it really speaks better to what's been going on in my life of late. Lot's of riding my bike watching sunsets from all over the tri-state area. Makes me really happy! And now the look reflects that more. And thanks for pointing that I'd not fixed your link out to me. Wasn't intensional just that I'd not been here in a while. I have a bunch of stuff to change in there I think... Your link however is all set! Thanks!

Caroline said...

New look is just right for you. Seem to have not picked up a few recent posts in the google reader but all seems fine again though it does make me feel tired after reading!

Caroline xxx

Samantha said...

Sorry Caroline, didn't mean for you to feel tired! It's been great fun all this getting out and exploring kind of thing. Cycling hither and yon, getting out in the fresh air and sunshine. Frankly it's NOT causing me to lose nearly as much weight as I'd hoped or thought though. I'm being patient, but thankfully I'm riding because I enjoy it more than anything else, so it's not like I'm going to stop if the weight loss isn't what I'm expecting.

Caroline said...

Probably got some heavy muscles!

Caroline xxx

Samantha said...

Oh yeah, muscles, getting those back a good bit. I've always had simply smashing legs, but now getting them all toned and stronger, they look even better... my arms too are toning up and getting some meat on them too.

Oh yes, biking is so agreeing with me, and now that I've started doing some mountain biking too, that's working out different muscles and making them stronger too.