Friday, June 11, 2010

Change when you least expect it, and good things . . .

. . . that happen when you don't expect it.

After the personal victory of my last post, I decided that I wanted some more of Dearborn Trail.  If fact I wanted much more.  So on Thursday the 10th I was back over there, this time looking to increase my distance and pace myself a bit.

I really, really, enjoyed myself, and a place that I at first thought was going to be a terrible place to ride has quickly become one of my favorites.  My first time there I complained about all the spots that are marked "Cyclists Dismount" or something along those lines.  Like the four tunnels and one railroad crossing.  My first time there I did exactly that at every crossing on the trip out, but cheated and rode through on the way back.  Turns out that one time, was probably the ONLY time, anyone really followed the signs.  Everyone rides through, as now I do.  Makes for a much better ride.

Which is when it dawned on me, Dearborn has quickly become on of my favorite places to ride.  It has also become the longest distance single session ride I've done.  Thursday it was 16.64 miles.  Me in my cute little riding shorts and tank top, just flying through the woods, along and over the rivers (creeks really) to the other trail head and back I'd go.  It's not as busy as Winton Woods, and people seem to pay way more attention and listen when I intone "Passing on your left."  SO I don't have to stop as often for the utterly clueless who meander along a trail taking up both sides, ignoring other people who are there.  The folks at dearborn, actually listen and make room for me to come by.  It's refreshing, courteous and makes for a much better trip and time on the trail for everyone.

And Dearborn Trail?  Oh baby I love it!  There's peace and quiet there, and while it's a shortish trail, by making multiple laps I can run the distance up easily.  16.64 miles worth today.  Such a pleasure!  Plus because I tend to prefer afternoon rides, when the sun is going down, and the air is getting cooler I get to see the light show on the last lap.  Fireflies!  Tens of thousands of them along the miles of riverfront I'm running!  And all those tunnels that bothered me so much on the first trip?  I now shoot right through them as long as I can do so safely without risking anyone's health or mine.  So change can be good.  And good changes, bring good things, like a simply lovely ride through the countryside.  I see rabbits, deer, gophers, ducks, geese, birds galore, and it's so peaceful and quiet there.  Except of course when I shoot over the one bridge at highspeed.   Now that, well it sounds like rolling thunder.

If you'd like to see where it is I'm talking about, thanks to my clever phone and the wonders of Google Maps, you can see on lap from end to end I recorded back in May.  In fact you'll see thumbnails of pictures along the route too, most of which where shot be me on my first trip. The joys and wonders of tools that actually work correctly and are simple and easy to use.  It's wonderful!  And me, I'm growing, changing and exploring new places all the time.

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