Friday, June 18, 2010

26.2 on a bike!

Yesterday was awesome.  It was fun, relaxing and completely amazing.  It was also even more new records for me.  Like 26.2 miles in one day.  2162 Calories burned in a single day.  13 miles one way nonstop.  Set out from the parking area at a distance behind a riding team that was heading up to Loveland and back which was also my goal.   Actually my goal for the day was 21 miles, which would have put me at 70 miles ridden for the moth so far. Anyway I figured I'd next see the riding team as I was still heading to Loveland and they'd already been there and were on the way back.  Well sort of.  I actually made it to Loveland as they were starting back.  They'd stopped for a break and had something to drink and were headed back to the Avoca trailhead and parking area.  We cheered each other on and they mentioned I'd made good time.  They thought I'd still be heading toward Loveland as they were on the way back. Turns out I made better time than any of us expected..

My intention for the day was to make it about distance and endurance.  Staying mounted up continuously and not stopping to sit or walk around briefly.  Plus, this was the first time I was riding with my new water bottles and frame mounted cage for them.  This way I had no reason to have to stop to fish my bottle out of my fanny pack.  I figured I was going to pace myself and stay light and easy, not push for speed.  I didn't keep and eye on my speed, just figured I'd settle int a gentle pace and do 10 miles per hour out and back.  This was after all my first ride on this trail, so I thought I'd take it easy.  Well I missed the 10mph mark.  When all was said and done I was running at 11.2 mph average for the entire trip.  Loveland I stopped in and wandered around briefly to get a feel for it.  It's a common destination for folks riding the trail I'd heard and finally understand why.  Mind you I've lived in Ohio two years now and had never been there by car.

The team of course was riding there, other people I've talked to, including one of the nurses at my doctors office rides to Loveland and back on the weekends with her Daughter.  As she said, "Well we ride to Loveland, have an Ice Cream, and then ride back.  I NEED that ice cream to make the trip work for me, it helps me get back after riding that far."  Well I made it to Loveland, and found the place they get ice cream, and kept going.  I have my ice cold riding tea that was tasty, refreshing, and really good for me.  Was really nice to be able to reach down, grab the bottle and take a drink while I was riding.  Really nice!  Sparkling, tasty, citrus and just a hint of sweet from the honey.  An entire slightly more than half liter bottle of it is only 90 calories, where as the ice cream is probably 90 calories a spoonful!

And then came the trip back.  Pointed Serenity south and lit her up.  Again, 13 miles nonstop of just flowing and enjoying the ride.  Well, almost nonstop.  There are a few road crossings where one needs to stop and check for vehicles coming, but those are just toe down, look, listen, and haul.  So those I don't really count as stops.  Plus cyclists are so common along this route that I was pleased when people in cars were stopping and waving me on.  I really like that.  I really like that a whole lot.

But it was a blessed ride, and the longest single day ride I'd done to date.  26 miles instead of the planned 21 takes me to 75 miles in for the month.  On a bike.  It's also 6268 calories burned this month riding.  Which frankly, makes me a happy girl.  A VERY happy girl.  My first weight loss goal for my new life as a cyclist I set back in March when I got Serenity.  My plan was to lose five pounds by August.  When I stepped on the scale last night it said I've already lost 4.6 pounds.  I still have a month and a half to go!

26.2 on a bike, that's the equivalent of a full marathon in terms of distance.  I done good!  And for those who might like to see where in the world I did this, you can just click and Google Maps will bring up all the details.  Probably the most fun was to again catch up with the whole biking crew as I rolled back into the parking lot.  They had just finished mounting up their bikes and getting ready to head out.  All in all, a most amazing and freeing day.  I also find it slightly ironic now that I've seen more of Ohio from the saddle of a bike than any other way, and that I've been to towns on a bike that I've not yet been to in a car.  I've been to Loveland Ohio now, window shopped, got to see some of the town and I've never been there with my car.  I have no doubt I'll be there again, in fact there's a restaurant that smelled good that I want to try.  And I'll probably get there on my bike.   And it will no doubt be another day of 26 (or more) miles on a bike.

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